At this year’s last day of the Counterplay festival, the seven of us talked about how we could keep the play alive after the festival. This festival is a three day bubble, where you’re surrounded by likeminded people. Work, doing your laundry and other errands are far far away. But how do we keep the play-spirit alive when we’re back home?

We wanted to do something small. Create a small ripple in our own lives. Us seven, were the exact right people at the right time. Here’s what we came up with.

The festival made all of us realise change can be in small things, but we need likeminded people to encourage that, we need support. Immediately you start to think of tech-solutions:
“Let’s create a Facebook group”
“We need a Slack group”
“We need a forum”.
But we also said: if it’s digital it will probably get overwhelmed by all the other digital messages you receive during the day. So, let’s take a step back. Why don’t we send a package by mail (you know, the old fashioned kind, where a Postman Pat rings your doorbell and hands you a package)?

We all immediately got excited. Everybody loves to get packages packed full of fun! The package contains play-stuff put in by one of us seven. You have to go and play with one, or more things out of the re(p)laybox. You can play with it by yourself or with a group of people. You can do it at home, at work or outside. It’s all up to you! Because everybody plays differently. It’s not how you play, but to make sure you play!Take pictures or a video so you can share your fun with all of the group. And yeah, we’ll probably use some tech-solution for that 😉

Then you put some of the play-stuff back in the box, maybe you want to add something to it. Then you send it to one of the other seven group members (there will be an address list in the box, you can tick off your own name, so the next will know you’ve already received a re(p)laybox. This way we can make sure everybody gets a box. If every name has been ticked, we just start over again). And the play continues.

So, we exchanged our home addresses. We spinned the bottle to appoint someone who would start the package going. We agreed we should send the packages within a month after we received it. The sooner the better ofcourse. It’s up to you how big the box is. It can even be a small envelope. But it has to contain something the receiver can play with (but really, you can play with anything, now can’t you?).

So now… Now we wait.

It was me (Marian) who was appointed to get the first re(p)laybox going. We left Counterplay yesterday 🙁 and this Sundaymorning I already started collecting things for the box. And I’m already playing again! In a minute I will write down the other seven names on pieces of paper and I will blindfoldedly pick one. That will be the first person who will receive the re(p)laybox.

Are you as excited as we are, and want to join? Please do! Send me an e-mail ( with your name, home address and e-mailaddress. We think the groups can’t be too big, to make sure you don’t have to wait more than a year to receive a package. But we can easily form more groups. More people, more groups, more fun, more play, more ripples.

Play it forward and share the fun!

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